Participants of Anthology of Writing, CTYI session 2, 2013.

Catherine Bowen
Catherine does not (and cannot) write poetry. She works mainly in
prose, and has started several novels, although has not yet found the
one she wants to finish. She writes a lot of fantasy; she particularly
enjoys writing tall female protagonists, because as a tall reader, she
feels underrepresented. She likes sailing, but doesn’t really like to
swim. She likes films for children. She loves to read as much as to

Amy Campbell
Amy is sixteen and lives in Clonakilty in Cork. She is known as a
rainbow-type individual who functions entirely on glitter and plans
to name her future pet unicorn Blaine. She favours muffins over
croissants and naturally, if given the opportunity, two of the things
she’d rescue from a house fire would be her sparkly eye shadow
and peach-coloured high heels with bows on. Her hobbies include
drama and skipping. She began writing when she was smaller than
she is now and she enjoys writing prose.

Sean Ceroni
Sean Ceroni is fifteen years old and from Leitrim, in the north
west of Ireland. He doesn’t like living there as it is dull and there
is nothing to do. He is interested in music, fashion and film. He
likes to write thrillers, romance and crime. He would love to live in
the fashion capitals of the world, Paris, Milan or Tokyo. He started
writing seriously in January 2013.

Grace Collins
Grace is a fifteen-year-old prose poet who is a fan of the colour
yellow and soft jumpers, and is hopeless at deadlines. She likes
to write on her bed, preferably with some green tea, perhaps in
the company of her two dogs. Trains are her favourite mode of
transport. Before doing the Anthology of Writing course, revision
was a mystery to her and she had never shown her work to anyone.

Samuel H. Doyle
Samuel Harry Doyle was born in Croydon, London in 1998 (yes,
the same place where the riots were a few years ago). His greatest
memories of life in England are falling into the garden pond and
walking to school in shorts during snowy winters. At six his family
returned to the rural homeland of Ireland (just in time to miss the
Celtic Tiger and hit the recession) and he now lives in the middle
of Monaghan’s boggy countryside, where he attends St. Macartan’s
College. While at CTYI he appeared in many guises including but
not limited to Sam Doyle, a Dalmatian, the COW, Grim Reaper, a
Chicago mobster to rival Al Capone and your friendly neighbourhood

Andrew Duffy
Andrew Duffy is fifteen years old and lives in Dundalk. He only
started writing seriously in January 2013. He finds writing to be a
good way to release his feelings. He does not like to limit his writing
to one genre, preferring to be versatile in the forms and genres in
which he writes. He enjoys reading and reads a lot of graphic novels.
His hobbies outside of writing include going to the gym, acting and
playing guitar. He is an only child, which he thinks is great with the
exception of Christmas time and the holidays. He dislikes Dundalk
and would love to live in London when he is older.

Caelen Feller
Once, there was nothing. Then, nothing gained an interest in knitting,
and other things related to yarns.
It then made a pink woollen hat, named Kandy.
This hat’s attempts at knitting were less successful, and the name
that was given to the conglomeration of its work was Caelen.
He writes stuff sometimes.

Conor Kelleher
Conor doesn’t really know what writing is, or what it’s for, or
how English works, and he’s especially confused as to the exact
mechanics of how he came to be trapped within this book. He likes
words, pianos, music, remembering, and friends, and although he
understands very little about any of these and routinely breaks them
into tiny pieces, he finds he has a certain knack for using them to
make people happy.
He may or may not actually be a Secret Yorkshire Terrier.
He thanks you kindly for reading.

Hannah-Rose Manning
Hannah-Rose is a sixteen-year-old reader/fantasy writer who visits
Florida regularly. She has been interested in writing since she was a
child. She maintains a good relationship with her twenty-one-yearold
brother. She likes skiing, table tennis and basketball. She enjoys
writing prose and likes to read most genres. She is thinking about
writing crime as well as fantasy in the future.

Carol McGill
Carol is fifteen years old, and has blonde hair and green eyes.
When she isn’t writing fantabulous short stories, she enjoys
hockey, swimming and drama. She lived in Belgium for two years
before returning to Ireland with a new outlook on life. Carol used
to do archery and is not afraid to shoot an arrow at someone if they
try to steal her chocolate stash. When asked what she would save
in a fire, she said her entire bookshelf, so one may presume she has
supreme strength.
She has been writing for as long as she can remember, and her
first completed work was a picture book she sellotaped together for
her sister. Carol doesn’t favour any particular genre, being somewhat
of a free spirit. She writes her first drafts by hand in one of her
several dozen notebooks, before typing it out in Shruti, her favourite

Orla McGovern
Orla McGovern is a fifteen-year-old poet. She’s the youngest of
three and has a cat called Pepper. Orla sings and has recently started
to write short stories. She likes to handwrite her work and keeps a
notebook beside her bed as she’ll often get ideas in the middle of
the night. She’s a big fan of structured poems. Orla comes from a
sciencey family and finds that her writing is strange as there’s no
one to read it. She found workshopping very helpful and wants to
continue to do it as it helped her work. Orla still isn’t sure about her
future but knows she want to do something interesting with her life.

Anna Mulligan

Anna is a tea-hating Dubliner and proud of it. Anna enjoys writing
poetry, flash fiction, monologues, screenplays, short stories and
novels. When not writing in all these media, Anna spends her time
watching films, playing the piano and surfing the internet. If Anna
were an animal she would be an owl and she will never entertain
thoughts of living outside a city.

Hannah O’Boyle
Hannah O’Boyle is a sixteen-year-old, brown-eyed girl from Leitrim.
She regularly teaches the class to dance, as she knows ballet,
modern dance, tap dance, jazz and hip-hop.
Her favourite colour is yellow and she started writing poetry as
a young, misunderstood girl.
She has bi-coloured hair and enjoys long walks on the beach,
stealing fake casino money and crying while reading Marianna
Paige’s poetry on Tumblr.

Emma Shevlin
Emma Shevlin is a sixteen-year-old from Louth who likes teenage
romance novels, dinner and a show.
Standing at a perfect 5 ft 5, she has bi-coloured hair and stunning
grey eyes. She enjoys wearing fake glasses to trick people about
her eyesight. She started writing poetry after she broke up with
her boyfriend, as it was less violent than throwing bricks through
windows. Her favourite quotation is, ‘This too shall pass.’

Cahal Sweeney
Cathal/Cahal/Sheldon (take your pick) was born in Chicago but has
lived in Ireland since he was three. He has always liked writing and
reading but only got into writing drama when he was fourteen. He
lives in Drogheda with his family and four pets but hates it and wants
to move literally anywhere else. He is hoping to study either Drama
or History in college.


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